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Sho and Co in 2023

We are thrilled to share with you all that we have in store for the future!

Principal designer and owner of Sho and Co, Shoshanna Shapiro, founded the company in 2019 with a vision to deliver the best luxury home designs throughout the mid-atlantic. Looking back we feel proud to say we have achieved exactly that. We have seen our company grow in so many ways, and alongside that we have also seen how the work we’ve done has impacted the lives of our clients and allowed them to grow just the same.

2022 was a big year for our company. Sho and Co was awarded “HGTV’s Designer of the Year” - “Dramatic Before and After Category” for our “White Oak Project.” We also finished one of our biggest and best projects yet: “Fresh Start.”

"Fresh Start"

This project was truly a “Fresh Start” for our client. After decades of hard work and dedication to her family, her three kids are now growing up and getting ready to leave the nest. The time had come for her to pour that energy back into herself. We made it our mission to give our client the inspiring retreat she’s always wanted and deserved.

Read More about our latest and greatest project here in our previous blog post. And visit out projects page for more info and project photos.

HGTV's Designer of the Year

Last fall Sho and Co won HGTV’sDramatic Before and After” category of the Designer of the Year Awards. This was such a milestone in our company’s growth. We are so grateful for all of you who went out and voted and showed their support! To learn more about our award winning design: White Oak, follow the link to the project page, check out our article here on PRWeb, and head over to our HGTV profile. You can also read more about our journey in our recent blog post.

Now Accepting Design Consultations for 2023

Is it time for YOU to design your dream home? Sho and Co is now accepting design consultations for 2023. Head over to our site and sign up TODAY! Click the link to start your journey towards your dream home!


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