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Dive Deep into our Latest Project: “Fresh Start”

Sunroom | Photo: Ryan Shapiro Photography

This project was truly a “Fresh Start” for our client. After decades of hard work and dedication to her family, her three kids are now growing up and getting ready to leave the nest. The time had come for her to pour that energy back into herself. We made it our mission to give our client the inspiring retreat she’s always wanted.

Living Room | Photo: Ryan Shapiro Photography

The 5k square foot home, located in a quiet Rockville neighborhood, was built in 1996. Not much had really happened to the home since. The kitchen had been updated with new cabinets and appliances at some point in the early 2000’s, but otherwise everything else was still stuck in the 90’s. This is what happens when you raise a family; other things get put on pause. But we were excited to hit the play button and get this home back up to speed!

Our goal was to bring light and space to the home. We started with a few structural changes. First we relocated the old coat closet in the foyer and replaced it with french doors leading into the office, opening up the home from the moment you walk in the door. Next we bumped out the pantry adding width to what was a narrow walkway leading to the kitchen. With a few other changes made, we had really improved the functionality of the space and maximized the potential for a calm and energizing environment.

Kitchen | Photo: Ryan Shapiro Photography

In the kitchen we brought in white marble countertops, all new appliances and refaced the old cabinets. This was a good way to save our clients some money and still give new life to the entire kitchen. For the backsplash we used a beautiful zellige tile, bringing some nice texture into the space. We removed the half wall separating the kitchen and living room and resurfaced the brick surrounding the fireplace with a sleek plaster. We created shelving and storage throughout the room within moderation, minimizing clutter and keeping with that open and calm mentality. From out of the kitchen and into the sunroom we added a coffee bar area to extend the kitchen into the space even further allowing the sunroom to serve as the morning coffee/meditation area.

It’s amazing to watch what a difference a remodel like “Fresh Start” can make in our client’s lives. Our home environments often impact us more than we realize. It’s an honor to have our clients bring us into their home and trust in the process. With phase two of “Fresh Start” in development, we can’t wait to share what's to come!


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