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Sho and Co's HGTV Nominated Design: "White Oak"

Last week we announced our nomination for HGTVs “Designer of the Year” Awards. It is an honor to be a nominee for such a prestigious award. HGTV has been at the forefront of interior design trends and culture for decades now.

HGTV selected the sunroom from our “White Oak” project for their “Dramatic Before and After” category of their “Designer of the Year” Awards. This project is very special to us. We developed a

highly synergistic relationship with

our client on this project, and because of this we were able to deliver our best work yet.

We began this project in small stages. Our client was so pleased with the exceptional results that initially what had started with a one room design project — quickly turned into an entire home makeover. Named, “White Oak,” after the intrepid oak floors we repurposed which line the ground floor, this home went from outdated, drab and dark to a light airy estate to be proud of in just a matter of months. You can find the rest of the project photos here on our website.

The sunroom of “White Oak,” the design selected by HGTV, expresses a specific tranquility. Our goal here was to curate a space where our clients could nestle in, relax, and soak up as much sunlight as their hearts desire through the large french door and countless picture frame windows. The pendant's stark resemblance to a nest is no accident. We wanted to create an environment that not only felt cozy, but like home.

We worked with local photographer Stacy Goldberg on the project pictures for “White Oak.” We couldn’t be more pleased with how the photos came out. Be sure to check out more of her awesome work!

It is such an honor to be an HGTV nominee! Thank you to all who have been voting and showing their support thus far. There are still a little over 3 weeks left in the polls. So be sure to keep coming back and putting in your daily vote for Sho and Co. You can find the link in our Instagram bio as well as our website.


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