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Nestled in a quaint Bethesda neighborhood, this 1965 built home was in need of  updates to make the home feel elevated to todays modern lifestyle. 

Having an 8 ft ceiling height and mature trees growth surrounding the area, this home needed a lighter brighter feel and to accentuate the verticality to balance the ceilings height. 

We refinished the white oak flooring and coated it with a product that would keep the color looking almost unfinished. We selected a beautiful white paint color throughout with pops of deep earth tones to provide some contrast and interest as you travel from room to room. 

Layering in texture and interest in every space while keeping the main living areas somewhat neutral for a cohesive feel was important for this home. 

Office, dining and living room photos coming soon!

Photos by: Ryan Shapiro Photography


katzeff built in.jpg
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