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Updates From Our Latest Project: "Fresh Start"

The latest updates from our “Fresh Start” project are here! With renovations to the entire ground floor of this 1990’s Potomac home, there is plenty of work to be done. We wrapped up demo last week. This week we turn our focus to drywall, painting, and cabinets. Time to have some fun!

We struck a balance with our client’s budget by repurposing the old cabinets. New cabinet doors and drawers will be arriving later this week. Our team has been hard at work getting the drywall up and a fresh layer of paint on the existing walls. We’re going to be creating a built-in entertainment console around the fireplace. Still working out the details there, it’s going to be pretty tricky with the limited amount of space between the walls and the brick of the fireplace, but at Sho and Co we always find a way to make it work. Stay tuned for updates to see how we handle these hurdles!

We cannot wait to share the finished product with not only our clients but with all of you! Thanks for your support! And as always, follow Sho and Co and visit our website to learn more about our design team, view our work, and get helpful design tips and tricks.


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