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Color Theory: True Blue

Color plays such an important role in our lives. It can affect our minds, bodies and overall mood. Color therapy is a real thing people! The way certain colors fall on the eyes can completely change a person’s relationship with their environment. That’s why it’s so important to carefully consider color selection when designing a home.

This week we’ll be highlighting True Blue! This is a trend we love to see in modern designs. It's sophisticated, elegant, and relaxing. Loved for its calming affect, True Blue is a great color to use in your office, kitchen or bathroom, but also throughout the house! It can tie together with neutrals, warm grays and other blues very nicely.

Sho and Co "Modern Lux" Office

This first image here is from our very own “Modern Lux” project. In a work from home era, it's so important to curate a home office space where we can focus and feel comfortable. Our goal was to create a sanctuary for our client. This was so important to keep in mind while selecting colors for this room. We landed on the Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. We like how the color takes itself seriously, just as we should while working. The gold accents in this design are the icing on the cake! As we’ll see, gold accents on True Blue make an excellent match.

Photo: @stylyshproductions

Design By Kristen Peake

Kristen Peake is a local favorite of ours. We absolutely love her designs. And the photo here by Stacy Goldberg, one of the DMV’s premiere interior photographers, captures the elegance of this design beautifully! Again we see the gold accents on top of the blue. The faded checkered floor ties in the cabinets wonderfully. And the foliage throughout the room is just amazing.

Photo: @stacyzaringoldberg

Flat Lay By Karinia Interior Design

Flat lays are such an essential part of the process when designing. We love this one here from Kardinia Interior Design. We love the neutrals they’ve pulled in to complement the blue. A little bit of pattern in the tile work, keeping it simple, while adding some fun texture for the eye to play with. And the floor selection here, with that nice light base with some dark grain; an excellent choice!

Photo: @thebrandedbosslady

Design By Sarah Robertson (Studio Dear Born)

We see a slightly more gray blue here in this design from Sarah Robertson of Studio Dear Born. We love the exposed backsplash behind the glass cabinet doors here. Brilliant design, creative and elegant. Follow Studio Dear Born for great design and kitchen organization tips!

Photo: @macchiaphoto

Blue Leather From

Grace Henry Co.

Here we see our blue come out in furniture. Pulling color in our foreground rather than on a wall or cabinet is such a fun way to introduce the element without making it the focal point. This beautiful piece here from Grace Henry Co does exactly that! Subtle color accents can be more powerful than a big blue wall when done correctly. The way it relates to the light wood of the bench, along with the hardwood and all the other elements is just perfect.

Photo: @gracehenryco

True Blue Dress from Anthropologie

Fashion trends and interior design go hand in hand. Whatever trends we see in interior design are bound to be seen in fashion as well, and vice versa. This waist-less mini dress from Anthropology is a great example of true blue in fashion.

Photo: @anthropologie

Where to find True Blue:

You can find different shades of True Blue from wide selection of vendors. Some of our favorites are: Gentleman's Grey and Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore (as seen in our "Modern Lux" Design), as well as Black Sea from Porter's Original Paints. And as always, these posts are here to inspire. Don't just follow trends, take them and make them your own!

Photo: @Benjaminmoore

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Until next time,

Team Sho and Co.


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