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Catching Up with Sho and Co

Project update:

The latest updates from our “Fresh Start” project are here! The built-ins in the office and living room are looking fantastic! Black paint on the stair railings really brought a lot of elegance to the entree way. The cabinet makers finished up the molding and are gearing up for the new doors and drawers.

This project is proving to be a massive transformation! It’s so exciting to see such a dramatic change in such a short amount of time. We really owe it all to our team for being so focused and proficient. We feel so grateful to have the opportunity to work for and alongside such amazing folks! Stay tuned for more updates, you’re not gonna want to miss this one!

In other news:

We had the pleasure of working with The Spruce on multiple features last week. In the first article, we gave our insight on how to best select a chandelier for your dining space. The second article featured one of our original designs from our “Elegant Estate” project. In addition to The Spruce, we also did a feature with Living Etc. where we talked about how to keep your bathroom looking organized and inviting.

It’s such an honor to work with such prestigious publications. You can always find our latest press features on our IG Stories.

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