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Out of all the spaces in the home, our favorite room to design is the kitchen. Not only is it the most functional space in the home and the gathering place for the family and guests, but when updated and beautiful, can elevate the entire home. The kitchen can also be one of the most difficult spaces to tackle. Especially when renovation is involved.

We take pride in exploring the challenges that our homeowners face within their spaces in order to achieve optimal function. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home in regards to form and function.



A kitchen can be beautiful but it has to function for your lifestyle and daily needs. Start with your basic needs and make a list of what is most important. Do you love cooking and baking for your friends and family? Do you have a large family and require ample food storage? Would you like to have seating at the island, a separate table, or both? Sometimes thinking about what is currently not working for you will also bring light to the surface about what you need.

Selecting details to incorporate into the design that suits your lifestyle is key to a well designed kitchen.

If you host a lot of family gatherings, consider incorporating a warming drawer. If you are mostly on the go, consider a speed oven. If you are a big coffee drinker, maybe you incorporate a built in coffee machine. Are you the hub where all the kids from the neighborhood gather, perhaps you need some refrigerator drawers for grab and go drinks. Knowing what you need is the first step so take the time to ask yourself these kinds of questions and make a list you can share with your designers and cabinet maker. Even if you don’t know what’s out there in the marketplace, your designer may have some great products to recommend.

Don’t forget the insides of the cabinetry! They need to be well planned and organize for ample functionality too!


We suggest having all of your selections made before the actual construction and demolition starts. This really allows your whole process to run a lot more smoothly and efficiently. It actually ends up speeding up the process because if you have everything ordered, contractors can get in there and work quickly because they aren’t waiting on anything to come in. We recommend starting with appliances, then cabinetry, and lighting. There is no sense in designing your cabinetry around appliances that won’t fit.


As a way to clear your countertops, we often like to hide your smaller appliances (i.e. coffee maker, toaster, microwave, etc.) in cabinetry so that it’s not sitting out and taking up valuable space. Having well organized cabinets with a space for everything makes life so much easier. If you love some open shelving in your kitchen, this is a great place to highlight those pieces you love to display and inspires you.


If you’re renovating a space and are unable to create more square footage, make up for it in style. Smaller spaces are the perfect opportunity to focus on the details. From custom millwork, a unique tile backsplash, custom window treatments to beautiful stone countertops, making every detail intention can pack a lot of design in a small space.

If you’re preparing for a kitchen renovation, we hope these guidelines help you create a space with ease.


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